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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Wikileaks Data

Podesta Emails

US Military Bases near Iran


Julian Assange -  A One World Truth

Julian assange posts this

Wikileaks Vault 8 - CIA
Everyone should be like Wikileaks, and question what they are doing inside our gov't

FBI behind Las Vegas  (as well as Saudi Arabia)

Arrest Warrant prepared


Wikileaks Podesta

Wikileaks - Honduras Coup

Huge Podesta


podesta handkerchief


Long list of names and people

This is why the Clinton's and Hollywood were so tight, birds of a feather

Florida - arrests

Westminster UK

New York Times Executive On Leave

Dustin Hoffman w/ a minor teenager

Kevin Spacey update

2nd Kevin Spacey assuser

Corey names his abuser

Corey Feldman on Dr. Oz

People reporting their abuses as pedogate slams Hollywood

Rick Perry - Sierra Club makes most idiotic statement ever about sexual assault

Weiner suing his own company - trying to retrieve emails
actress says he raped her twice

Warner Brothers Severs Ties w/ Bret Ratner

He files libel lawsuit, it won't help it will make it worse

Hollywood Rabbit Hole - video on pedos

Jeremey Piven pulled from late Show

Dustin Hoffman 2nd Accuser

Kevin Spacey Tweet?  For Real

Kevin Spacey Foundation shut down, website deleted

Rape Lawsuit against Playboy girls that were brutally raped

Tony & John Podesta are being arrested according to this news here

11 Princes Arrested  Podesta Arrested

up to Nov 4th

Richard Dreyfuess Son says molested by Kevin Spacey ******************

Nov 5th

Kentucky  House Speaker resigns

Kevin Spacey pulled out of awards

Beyond Belief - Weinstein hired army of spies to silence his victims Gov't pedogate


Randy Quaid on Weinstein
Weinstein is not the only actor to hire Israeli spies to destroy us

NY May seek indictments on Weinstein next week

Brace yourself everyone, these reports are going to get harder to stomach, like this one

NY Times cuts ties w/ Weinstein and attorney

Kevin Spacey - so creepy

I had to google why people flash, I had no idea, so disgusting = for power over people

Finally LA Times doing their job for Corey Feldman

Richard Dreyfuss' son Harry Dreyfuss on Kevin Spacey


Pedogate in Royal Family

Many hours on twitter over pedogate, but it's impossible right now, twitter censors everyone, I have to be so glad I'm sending via email, they are trying to hide all of this regarding pedogate and arrests

The alleged raper is suing the victim & other's have come forward as well

Kevin Spacey

Woah, Shocker OMG

Charlie Sheen divorce papers 9 (trying to save his own kids from being sexually abused)

Do I think Charlie's father was a pedo?  yes I do

Minnesota Senator


Harvard Law - Anal Sex - OMG

Amazon Execs etc

Kevin Spacey - a big bully

More on Corey Haim, so horrible

LA Police finally listening to Corey Feldman

Heartbreaking - Steven Seagal

Charlie Sheen denies allegations

Sen Roy Moore

This could be a smear campaign, still waiting to see

LAPD drop the case on Corey - due to statute of limitations

Trying to set up Trump w/ "girls"  he said no

Weinstein's Lawyers Silencing the PResss

Senator joins Weinstein in sexual misconduct

Louis CK Comedian

Not prosecuting the IRS Scandal

Kevin cut from 50th anniversary of Carol Brunette

Corey Haim's mother

Mueller files 264 elite pedophile indictments - this is huge

Pedo arrests going down tonight in DC
Follow The White Rabbit
This being sent on twitter

George Takei

Warren Jeff

Obama secret service Look how long they hid this pedo story

McCain Institute tied to pedogate & Clinton donors


Richard Dreyfuss


Pedogate was known in 2014 and hidden,  NY Times wrote this article, trying to not call in a crime back then, almost 3 years ago.  No one was understanding that it was a "ring" way back, now look at today, all that was done to those kids, and the predators allowed to kill, kidnap, rape, incest, you name it

When the lawyers try to harass the victims and destroy them over details, that is when the predators do not get prosecuted, I'm glad to see this judge said no to this request

Warner Brothers

Podestas sold children to Saudi's

More Hollywood pedogate

HUGE Read, combined update

**************************** Nov 12 pm sent

Obama Realities

Gold Star Mom reports on Obama

Draining Obamacare swamp

Obama Dossier against Trump = Scandal of the decade
I say century

Obama Still Acting like he's President - writing letters OMG  nearly a year after Trump won

Trump News

Trump One Man Against The Democratic Army

Halloween  What he did w/ those kids is priceless

Cable ratings of Sean Hannity Top Everyone 

Coal Production lowers our fuel costs, Bush & Obama sent it out of USA, putting coal minors out of work, & raising our fuel costs so much

Trump Orders crackdown on vetting

Trump ending "lottery"  via Chuck Schumer

Curt Cobain suggested Trump way back when, he knew way before he died

November 2, 2017

a Twitter employee shut down Donald Trump's Twitter account

Annonymous responds, says it was not an accident

Twitter Message to the President - massive support

Messing w/ Trump's Account today

Google discriminating against Conservatives

A real President vs. Whatever

Girl who shut down Trump's Twitter account

Trump in Japan

Clinton News & Updates

Hillary Tweets 1 year later, after she called herself , the President in a tweet on her own account
these tweets go after that tweet, this year 2017

She dined w/ journalists before her big run  - Journalism Pay for Play?

James Comey From one crime family to another

From witch yesterday to her real costume today

Hillary Still thinking she can be President OMG

Sharia Law Across the USA & Other Countries

NY Subways

There should be no sharia law inside the USA, but there is 

Harvard Law School teaches classes in sharia law

Harvard law teaching class about anal sex 
Harvard Law - Anal Sex - OMG

Michigan uses Sharia Law, has had doctors perform female genital mutilation

Detroit case of FGM

Mayor Delblasio allows for terror attacks over and over, invites illegals into NY

No Sharia Law

Sharia Law in Canada - they have lost their freedom

UK Father refuses to let his child finish her "muslim" conversion homework

Harvards Lecture schedule - sharia law supporters

Texas Banning Sharia law effective Jan 2018

The Michigan Plot

Jhad Attacks by car - New Form of terrorism

Wake Up everyone, these attacks are happening more and more.  They are using cars and trucks
to kill people

Joy Villa - A Scientologist

Wake Up everyone, Joy Villa is a scientologist.  That's a cult

October 17 magazine, Joy Villa - Scientology

Tuesday Oct 31, Halloween 2017

 When you kids just don't know what to go as, help them out

Clinton even scares the Adams Family

Whitehouse Halloween w/ Trump on Twitter, priceless

Trump and Mike Pence portraits

Silencing Rose McGowan

Big Pharma Billionaire Arrested

Benjamin Fulford

What does it mean

Could Papadopoulous have been wearing a wire?

Jeb Hensarling won't rerun in 2018

Justice Ginsberg not leaving

A new low in democratic "scare tactic" ads for election time

overcharged Manafort


Hillary wants to dress as "the President" for Halloween

The Swamp - No Costumes Needed

Crystal Meth found in candy bag  - of course they want to destroy Halloween and make people
fear fun for kids

Finally, Hillary as herself, these floated around twitter and Facebook before last year's election, now surfacing again

John Podesta threaatening Tucker Carlson via his attorney over cease & desist, now tweeting
must be feeling a little pain that he's in the pedo spotlight 

cease & desist letter leaked to NY Times

Military Baby 

Jim Acosta just won't shut up w/ fake news

Tucker Carlson part 2 of Podesta group  - part one is on Oct 30 blog here

Steve Bannon on Obama Administration Arrests

Virginia pulled its frightening ad, due to 'We The People" standing up against brainwashing

Journalists that dined at Clintons before her campaign started

JW - IRS targeted conservatives

Monday, October 30, 2017

Monday Oct 30, 2017 - Headlines

Manafort - Surrender Nothing to do w/ Russia but his past dealings - that for Millions of Dollars  It's insane, he had to do something for the millions, now he must implicate himself in Uranium One and go away, hard to "special counsel" others when you are a criminal yourself


Trump Responds

Kathy Griffin detained at airports LOL

Pedogate PA democrat

Guilty & Not Guilty Pleas

Trump lashes out & is correct, the charges had nothing to do w/ Russia

Podesta Group = A& B in indictment

Bengazhi Mastermind captured

Democrats busy erasing our history

Mueller indictment = nothingburger  Larry Elder

Manafort's attorney - charges predate Russiagate by 2 years

5 Ex Presidents That conned us for the last 40 years
Carter, Clinton, Bush, Bush, Obama 

Alan Dershowitz on Mueller

Baby left in dumpster

Congress (Trey Gowdy) can go after Hillary

Sean Hannity - Opening Monologue - power packed

Trump Whitehouse Halloween - all for the kids Trick or Treating at Whitehouse

Is Weinstein cutting a deal?

Vet arrested on massive counts of sex w/ dogs

Tiger Woods Ordered to take 137 Paternity tests

part 2

Sunday, October 29, 2017

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Headlines on Oct 30, 2017

halloween costumes - censorship?  OMG

Roger Stone Suing Twitter

Kevin Spacey responds to sexual harassment allegations by stating he's gay

gets worse  - gay pedophile Kevin Spacey

Ellen Degeneres w/ boob photo

anthony weiner has hillary rape tapes

Joy Villa uses scientology address for her mail

Congress & DOJ spineless

Obama paid $972,000 Into Trump Dossier

RNC V DNC fundraiser totals

Mom jailed for 7 days for not vaccinating her baby using aborted body parts
Fake Senator Warren Fakes Her assault attack