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Thursday, November 30, 2017

YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Go Fund Me, Patreon, Lawsuit Details

January 16, 2018 James O'Keefe exposes twitter and CEO Jack has to resign

lawsuit sent out on 12/18 against YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, et al
going to be entered tomorrow

if anyone wants to be added, the time is now. 


going to stalk people off and on Twitter

Petition Link here

If people don't actually fight for their rights, we are going to lose all truth & use of these websites.  They are already stalkers, and criminals, and everyone is too lazy, weak & full of excuses to fight.

Lawyers (most of them are dirty criminals) don't take on the deep state.  We have to, and should.  I did all of this work, and have every single link on here, and people just won't take action when it comes to a lawsuit

If you can't afford the $400 fee to file, it can be spread out if you are working, like 4 payments of $100 a month, or waived if you make less than $12,000 a year.  You have to download the court form on google under federal law - application of indigence    Do not lie,  If you pay the fee, when we settle they pay all costs and every fee we endure.

People can sign over limited power of attorney to me so that I can speak for them, and they don't have to appear in court.  A couple people have done this,  Watch the videos that explain

My lastest motion prevents Twitter from stalking us and acting like cops, as they slip in a law that is illegal.

People love to complain, but are so lazy and unwilling to fight for their rights, and I'm sick of listening, if people don't smarten up, the internet will be gone.

Twitter's Illegal Plan to Police Users - Everyone TAKE ACTION, fight for your freedom

Twitter Motion To Stay their illegal order

Lawsuit Link here

Cease & Desist order means they have to stop abusing us, part of the lawsuit

Signing power of attorney so I can appear for everyone, & handle paperwork

Financial form affidavit of Indigency - to waive court fees if your salary is less than $12,000 a year, otherwise, court fee of $400 to federal court can be broken up in payments, and you get it back when we settle

YouTube Videos To Explain
Filing fee can be spread out

We can skype, email, talk, text, email, etc

Please read the lawsuit,  sorry I was a little terse, I'm being trolled so much & I am tired & sick as I'm doing this

Announcing the lawsuit

Application of Indigency

The Post Office delay on delivery of the lawsuit  - it's a 1 day delivery, even at Christmas

Christmas Eve, they deleted Julian Assange's account on Twitter

James O'Keefe exposing Twitter Crimes

Locking B Out of her account on the Release the memo day

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017 11/22 - 11/25


JFK Killed

More sick corruption and payoffs

Trump's Approval rating higher than other world leaders

Alan Dershowitz on Mueller

Fake News has all fake followers

Clinton Library refuses to give documents from the Library

144 vacant seats can turn the justice system around

Uber Muslim Drivers

Planned Parenthood dares to talk about family at Thanksgiving

FL on Hillary

Proposed Congress Rules


Ouch - Congress

GQ encouraging people to ruin Thanksgiving

Congress payouts

Our government never holds itself accountable for the millions of crimes committed, and they find a way to hold "we the people" to a different standard

There were many involved in this murder and the coverup, and with Donna Brazile's revelations, they can continue to probe for the truth

Dog & Turkey BFF"s

Massachusetts death former GOP


abortions all time low

Rand Paul

Uber Hack

Uber Muslim Drivers

Trump sends food to servicemen

Mysterious death


11.23/17  Thanksgiving

Mike Pence at Thanksgiving

Sean Hannity Cooking Turkey

Anthony Scaramucci

Trump About Sean Hannity

The Troops in Afganistan

Mike Huckabee

Pecan Pie & Sara Huckabee - sad they are this stupid going after a pie

Illegals blocking the Macy's Day parade - disgusting

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Hillary Clinton - How many articles does it take?????

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clinton body bags

Geraldo on Hillary

Clinton Body Bags

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Pedogate 2

George Soros

Corey Feldman on Dr. Oz reveals another name

21 arrested in sting
Joe Biden - total pedo, can't wait until this breaks more

Creepy Video of Joe Biden stroking a 6 year olds' hair


Hillary Clinton on being cloned or something, so freaky

Demi Moore w/ teenager, this surfaced way back & was taken down before

Terry Crews

Warning this is FRIGHTENING to listen to, it's Podesta terrorizing a child

Donald trump drinking FIIJI Water = child trafficking



Al Franken jokes about raping babies,

Al Franken

The Creep List on Capital Hill

Harassment awards and settlements

3 Ohio Pastors - Wow

Pedo George Bush Sr.

Bill Clinton


Joe Biden got naked in front of Secret Service agent

Washington DC


Islmanic Slave trade

Mike Cernovich ' Ill go to jail for the source congress settlements on pedogate


everyone calling for Frankenstein to resign

Podesta in a panic

Jesse Jackson has parkinsons' days after his sexual misconduct allegations

Michael Moore - underage girls

Hillary goes to defend Al Franken

Corey Feldman

Ryan Seacrest

Alice In Wonderland

Jeff Sessions protecting his granddaughter from Joe Biden

I wrote to Corey Feldman, and he answered

Corey's response

Ohio caught in sex in the office

more allegations

wow look at this list

2nd list

pizzagate and John Podesta

alice in wonderland connected to pedophiles


Sent 11/19

Birmingham UK  Pedo land


More charges against Bill Clinton

Pizzagate hollywood - full house

Charlie Rose

100 Stories of Harassment

Hastert case gets dismissed

Jehovah's Witnesses told not to report sexual abuse

John Conyers - sexual predator  Paul Ryan Covered it up

Mike Cernovich - twitter hiding the trending

Mike Huckabee

Chelsea Clinton book - finally

OK just got word this is an old photo from 2012  but that is strange also, not sure why she would have that on


Melissa Gilbert - Oliver Stone

Harvey Weinstein's Secret Settlements


***********************  11/21 sent

The Swamp is draining

Monday, November 20, 2017

Seth Rich
Seth, we are not, we never will,

Audio from Investigator

Truth Factory Cat

Christmas & Hanukkah !! Amazing Whitehouse 2017

President Trump's Merry Christmas Message

WhiteHouse Christmas 

Whitehouse Christmas Tree

Trumps Bringing Christmas back to the Whitehouse

Lighting of the Tree & Trump Saying Merry Christmas


Whitehouse decorations

The tree lighting


Biggest crowd in history

Tree lighting

Trump 12 days of Christmas

Whitehouse Christmas Beauty

Happy Hanukkah !!!!!!!!!!!!

Whitehouse Christmas Portrait

Kids Christmas wish is to see his dad, who is right there

Christmas Golden Retrievers

Police Officer singing O Holy Night

Iraq Christians Raise a 30 foot Christmas Tree

The Long Road to the Whitehouse as Trump went along in his journey of Trump

President Trump & Melania talking to children

Hillary Clinton

We have to be thankful every single day of our lives that Hillary lost, and we are awake

Of Course Hillary and Bill are racists, they think they are above everyone, (including depolorables)

Newest body bag list

The only success of Hillary is she was the most successful liar the world has ever known & she's still at it

after the death of Charlie Manson, Hillary cancels her book tour

Hillary not investigated

Hillary LOL lightening strikes

Fusion GPS

Hillary Get A Life

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Pushing Fake Men's Fashion? Are You Kidding Me?

Look at the men's underwear looking "fake fashion" they are trying to push

10 Most Wanted List

The Elite Pedos are a sad resume, I'm so glad they are exposed

President Trump Tweets & The Power of Twitter The Road To His Presidency

Letter from Nixon To Trump

The Road To Trump 

I wish I saved every tweet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sen Flake

Basketball ungrateful dad

Border patrol agent killed

Unwavering support for our President

What Trump Supporters say 1 year later

Turkey Pardon For Thanksgiving

Donald Trump Jr on Thanksgiving blessings

Our Fearless Leader

Time Magazine
Person of the Year - Trump Says No

Trump about the critics of his twitter MAGA

Trump Accomplishments

Trump's Youngest Fan

Trump Photo

Letter from Richard Nixon to President Trump