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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Thursday December 21, 17 After Tax Bill Trump Issues Executive Orders

Reagan got a tax bill through, look at the electoral map in 1984

This is the takedown - They Are DONE

Executive Order on Human Rights Abuses

Text on the Executive Orders

Important Red & Watch All Of These - HUGE 
Whitehouse.Gov - Executive Order


FCC Complaint filed $84 Billion on Fraud - Hillary Clinton Campaign Fund

Alabama Voter Fraud Investigation


Alex Podesta Followthewhiterabbit

End of UN NWO

FBI McCabe Untruthful = perjury = consequences coming

The collusion to keep Trump from becoming President

McCabe incriminated everyone at the hearing, but he also lied

Trump commutes the Sentence of this Kosher Meat Packer
via a pardon

UN Vehicles in Chicago - they cut radio feed

Obama Crimes getting investigated finally

Cocaine Traffickers protected by Obama

Nicki Haley on the UN Vote - taking us to highest grounds

Wikileaks reveals that Seth Rich was the leaker

Swedish Journalist Bechir Rabani Found DEAD After Exposing Hillarys Cash Man
Clinton Body Bags - murder of cash man

Taking down Obama finally

FBI Insiders coming forward

Sessions = going after Hillary

Associated Press 1st White Famer Gets His Land Back

YouTube competition is being created & ready for 2018

Obama born in Kenya

Rosie O'Donnell

Spying on Americans - Should scare everyone

Australian Drug seize = Huge