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Monday, December 18, 2017

Tuesday December 19, 2017


viral video for voter recount in Alabama - Roy Moore


Going after Hillary Clinton Complaint filed

Before its news update

Judicial Watch Sues for Records

Climate change removed from Nat'l Security Threat - Huge, Finaly,  Al Gore is a fraud


Q QAnon

Video about Patriotism - Wake up NFL

Sean Diddy wants to buy the Panthers & Sign Kapernick

Seb Gorka on Mueller & Russia Collusion

False Flags and False Information

Emails extraction was a crime by Mueller

Trey Gowdy on Strzok

Julian Assange on twitter, do not know who died

Subpoena McCabe & Strzok

Judge still allowing for taxpayers to pay for illegal people's abortions, this is 100% wrong

Terrance Williams to Bernie Sanders

Sean Hannity about Obama

California Mileage Tax - Are You Serious?

Going after Linda Sarsour for coverup of sexual abuse - good, take her down

Mueller political witch hunt

19 years ago today Bill Clinton was impeached

Donald Trump Jr, Ben Shapiro making fun of the left 

MSNBC - trash & protecting pedophiles

Black Unemployment Rate is lowest in 17 years under Trump

WhiteHouse Briefing - N. Korea

Fake News pushing Anti Trump Agenda as they are being taken down

Trump can launch his own coup

Calls for Obama to return his Nobel peace prize

Obama Nobel Peace Prize - Info Wars

Diamond & Silk - Obama's Cocaine trafficking into USA

Obama's Drug Gang

Obama Presidential Obstruction

People will die - OMG fear factor from the democrats

Judicial Watch files lawsuit for the podesta records

Brian Pagliano has not been heard from, ignored subpoena

Julia Roberts says Michelle Obama is unfit to clean her toilet and I agree


Tax Cut Winning Despite Democrat lies

Ted Cruz taking them on

Nancy Pelosi needs to resign 

Rosie O'Donnell tries to bribe Senators for $2 Million Cash on Tax Bill as a no vote

Alysa Milano on the tax bill - really, she's still got it backwards

Grassley Demands McCabe resign