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Natasha the wacko pushing old internet scam. Don't FALL FOR IT!!!

Another day, another scam. Case in point: the Federal Reserve Bank of New York reports that scammers are telling people they can pay their bills using so-called “secret accounts” or “Social Security trust accounts” and routing numbers at Federal Reserve Banks. In exchange for personal information, like Social Security numbers, people get what they think is a bank account number at a Federal Reserve Bank. But this really is just a way to get your personal information, which scammers can then sell or use to commit fraud, like identity theft.

Follow the link below to the Federal Trade Commission, or as Natasha would call it, "SES," or "the deep state."

Update 7/24

Natasha still pushing internet scam and as predicted claims FBI is "the deep state"

When the Truth hurts

A special message for our special "truth teller" Natasha.

President Obama

Reporters killed by Putin. Makes you proud huh Natasha

I am posting this because I know how proud Natasha would be of Putin.  [reporters killed by Putin]

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Fmr. President Barack Obama Speaks At Mandela Day (Full) | NBC News

no balls de facto president changes his tune when back in US

U.S. President Donald Trump has backtracked on comments in which he said he believed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s pledge that Russia didn’t meddle in the 2016 presidential election.
Trump made the comments before a meeting at the White House with top GOP members on Tuesday afternoon.

[opps I meant to say "wouldn't" (except I was standing next to Putin at the time and didn't have the balls) or (no one had told me what to say yet)]

Friday, July 13, 2018

Judge Sorokin, you are toast!!! taking this to supreme court!!

Judge Sorokin got a letter today in a writ of mandamus saying;

"... you incompetent buffoon, you don't know how to use your gavel and you are SES and scum and I prey they remove you and I am going to bring this from the appellate level,  to which you are holding it, to the next level and to The Supreme Court where it will be heard and ruled on for me and I pray that helps get you removed."


Wait till you get removed and see GTMO from the inside!!!

Delusional wacko suing social media thinks she is going to a "constitutional" Supreme Court

"... a (writ of) mandamus goes to the judge saying, "umm You swamp-like creature that doesn't  know how to find your gavel,  you are incompetent and incapable of using the constitution and protecting me the plaintiff."

"...and then I will ultimately be having it heard in The United States Supreme Court, where it's 5 to 4 for the constitution."

"... I won't be going to Concord New Hampshire..." (I wonder why?? LoL)

The Supreme Court receives about 7000 petitions a year and will hear around 80 and may decide around 50 without hearing arguments. 

"Maybe I will call Trump's lawyers to help me."

Good luck with that ...Tasha...

Wacko Natasha "Kidnapped" and "drugged" at Club Med!!!

Internet conspiracy blogger and Trump wacko alleges  she was Kidnapped and forcibly drugged by Cheshire Medical Center she once praised as "Club Med!"  Natasha claims this is the third time the federal government has kidnapped and drugged her.

The video below Natasha praises the care she received at Cheshire Center

Video highlights

• Natasha who was ill for quite some time falls in her home and     finally calls 911 and is transported to hospital.
 • ER was terribly worried for her because all of here symptom           were "magnified" and she wasn't making "connected thoughts." 
• This hospital was like "Club Med." The hospital staff were so         kind, so polite, compassionate and caring. They just could not help me enough. They went so far beyond the call of duty.
• Natasha fell using crutches and hit her head. She then needed to use a walker.
• They kept getting "me better and better" giving her medications that were "required"
• babbles on about James Comey and Julian Assange and people running a second government  and her other usual rants.
• Closes by stating how hospital staff did their jobs in such a "diligent way" allowing her to leave the hospital early.

What a difference a few days makes!!!

Video Highlights 

• Have been blackmailed by the federal government for their crimes for "so many years" 
• They are responsible for the death of  "Armondo"  because  they deported  him to take him away from her. 
• went into "disgusting"  Cheshire Medical Center.
• Doctors try to give her fake medical diagnosis
• Can not remember why she went to hospital
• Fell because the hospital was negligent because they did not catheterize her. (she could have asked to be walked to bathroom and obviously did not)
• she was put on Medicaid and "sick government doctors""that are still full of blackmail." (??)
• was given medications that were so lethal she "could be dead by now."
•was afraid to travel to see Armondo  because they might plant drugs on her and lock her up in a federal prison because liberalism is a mental disorder, because they want to erase me, because of their crimes, because I know.
• records say she was climbing in and out of bed without assistance causing risk to herself.
• offered all kinds of drugs she didn't want and none of them helped her sleep.
• they were trying to blackmail "me" ... for what?

So like everyone who interacts with this wacko... she is suing them.  Please send her money for filing fees!!!