Thursday, April 19, 2018

YouTube queen of fake news falls for it AGAIN

A youtube queen of fake news has re-posted an unsigned letter purportedly written by former mayor of NY Rudy Giuliani, which was originally posted to Twitter from a fake unverified account @RudolphGiuliani on December 20, 2016.  The former Mayor does not have a twitter account and the jpg image does not appear on any type of letterhead and is not found to have been released by any other sources. The 107th Mayor of NY left office in 2001.  It is reported the fake twitter account, opened in August 2016, was suspended on 12/20/2016. The account frequently posted tweets that referenced the fake "pizzagate" scandal. 

Fans of the Mayor will breath a sigh of relief since the fake poster stated to become Mayor he had to "play ball" and remain silent even though he knew pedofiles and also that he knows that 911 was a coverup. Guess the 13 year old poster didn't see he was throwing the mayor under a bus. 

Natashia... it seems you have overdosed on the "Red Pills."

Here... have a laugh.

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